“The anxiety went away almost immediately…”

Working with Alison, I really felt heard – she actually listened and heard me, so we could work things out. It was a massive relief as I could stop stuffing things down. The anxiety went away almost immediately – that is crazy — and my communication is through the roof. It’s so freeing. My partner and I are turning into a power couple. I can’t believe how far my relationship has come since starting working with Alison. I also feel like I’ve gained a new sense of confidence about my opinion and position on things. I felt really supported and safe throughout the whole process. I could really let it all out! Thank you, Alison!!


Laura Fabre

“Alison is awesome
and I can’t speak highly enough of her…”

I’ve worked with Alison for guidance and support around nutrition and rebuilding my relationship with food after periods of severe restriction. She has been incredibly supportive and a great sounding board for making changes in several other aspects of my life too – always keeping me accountable in loving, reassuring ways. She encourages me to become more focused and productive, and to discover and make time to enjoy the things that really bring me joy! How amazing is that?! She is awesome and I can’t speak highly enough of her.




“I’m such a better version of myself,
better than I have ever been before”

I first met Alison at my lowest ebb. The person I was when we met was quite broken and she provided the glue to for me to stick myself back together again. But actually it is better than that because I am not just stuck together, I am a better version of myself, better than I’ve ever been before. Since that first skype call my life has changed in many ways. I was crying most days, shouting at my children, arguing with my husband, I felt broke, I binged, I drank and smoked a lot. I was really unhappy to say the least. Today as I sit and type this it is no understatement that EVERY aspect of my life has changed. I wake up happy, go to bed thankful, see the positive in every situation, I am calmer, more easy going. Things seem to fall into place around me. Unbelievable, but that’s how it is. Alison is just amazing. She is accessible, gentle, patient, understanding, but beneath that calm exterior her superpowers lie. She is a gritty, extremely smart tough woman who doesn’t accept any BS. I am living proof that what she does, she does extremely well.


Hayley Park

“Alison has inspired me to wake up each day
with gratitude in my heart
and be the best version of myself possible…”

Alison is an outstanding and brilliant mentor and coach. She is kind, gentle, uplifting and encouraging and she holds an amazing energy of wild, ageless grace. Alison has this innate ability to touch our innermost feelings and beliefs and then she applauds our courage, strength and conviction for doing so. With ease and compassion, she brings out the best in others and even in a diverse group of over 200 people. Alison is exceptional at her profession and a complete success at encouraging others to reach, to share, to learn, to grow…to inspire, to enhance, to balance, to glow! She has inspired me to wake up each day with gratitude in my heart and to be the best version of myself possible in each moment of my life. For her dedication and inspiration I am truly grateful!


Theresa Rose


“Alison has a lot of finesse with her teaching skills!”

Alison is amazing. She has a warm heart, friendly vibe and strong communication skills. I actually consider her a friend now. Her program turned out to be amazing for me and a big part of it was because Alison frequently talked to me and made sure I got results. She not only helped me with the course, but with my life by guiding me through all kinds of issues and questions I had. She rocks and gets results in a very friendly and motivating way. She has a lot of finesse with her teaching skills! Thank you, Alison!!


Ross Johnson

“Alison encourages me to get down to the nitty gritty
and face the tigers…”

You know when you feel someone’s got your back? Well that’s how I feel about Alison being my coach. She’s sincere, real and that’s what rocks. She encourages me to get down to the nitty gritty and face the tigers. And you know what? She does it with love and sincerity! So do yourself a favour and sign up. It’s not gonna be all rosy and glossed, but that’s not what the real deal called life is about right? Thank you, Alison!


Fatima Laher

“Her communication skills and desire to understand and serve others is extraordinarily high!”


As someone who has worked with many people over the years, one of the most important things I look for in a member of my team is someone who takes action (not just talks the talk). I want someone who commits herself to results and to doing what is necessary to achieve specific results, especially in the face of adversity and challenge. I want someone who stands by her people in the face of difficulties and hard times and works with kindness and patience to achieve understanding whenever confusions arise. Alison is all of this and more. She is loyal, loving, committed, productive, bright, compassionate and very competent and knowledgeable in the healthy living arena. Her communication skills and desire to understand and serve others is extraordinarily high. Alison is one of the most reliable and hard-working people I’ve ever met. She has my highest recommendations both professionally and personally.


Tera Warner, Founder of www.terawarner.com

“Her belief in me has enhanced my confidence…”

Alison is a nurturing mentor, generous vision holder and wise companion for exploring the inner wild of the body, mind and spirit. She always offers her best and seeks to bring out the best in others. Her belief in me has enhanced my confidence in the value of my presence and talents. She is ready for questions on any subject and will respond with compassion and gentle candor. Aided by her encouragement I am learning to consult my intuition and embodied intelligence so I can live from my entire being rather than only from my head. Her curiosity, enthusiasm, playfulness and love of life and beauty are inspiring.


Samantha Williams


“Her honesty, transparency and willingness
to be totally real with me rocked my world!”

Working with Alison has been like having a new best friend who is happy to listen, ask good questions and hold me accountable. There is nothing I ever said that she did not take in stride, even my deepest darkest secrets. I have always felt heard and safe to be as big or as needy as necessary: She can handle it!! I love that she shares stories of her own struggles as it helps me to build trust and feel like if she can get out of her muck, I can get out of mine! Never once have I felt like my problems were too big for us to handle when I had her by my side. Her knowledge of health, communication and spirituality are all assets in our journey together. Her honesty, transparency and willingness to be totally real with me rocked my world. She somehow always seems to know when to be the gentle shepherdess and when it is time to roll up the sleeves and be a feisty truth talker. Together we have gotten me off the couch and back into the game, carving my path and making waves. Thank you Alison! I love you!


Anna Lundeen