Who knew being healthy and feeling good could be so confusing. Amiright?

Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list and underwhelmed by life? Wanting better health, more courage, maybe a little sprig of sass, but with the masses of diets, creams, pills, potions and stacks of self-help bestsellers, wellness has become bewildering.

I get you.

And after fumbling about and flunking out while being a little bit obsessed *blush*
with what creates health for the last twenty years, I’ve figured out a thing or two and I’d love to share those discoveries with you. Sans the flunks and fumbles of course.

Ali - Profile

I’m Alison Ramsay…

…founder of Trust Your Gut: Authentic Wellness and Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach.  My passion is all things wellness and leveraging that to lift the human body and spirit to levels where life soars.  I’m talking about healing your whole body, as well as healing your whole being.  Nutrition, communication, creativity, authenticity, relationships and deepening your connection to the natural world. The whole she-bang.


Because that’s what you are.

You are more than blood and guts (although I think that part is pretty cool).

You are more than a parent and a partner and a worker.
You are a multi-faceted creature with many unique, and let’s not forget amazing working parts, both physical and emotional.


Let me help demystify some of that for you and get you back to living a healthy, vibrant life you love with people you trust.

“No matter how frustrated, discouraged, exhausted and out of steam you feel, I’ve been there. I totally understand.

All you need to turn things around is a little encouragement, a little wisdom and a friend who’s got your back no matter what.

Because I’m a lover of you trusting you and all things authenticity…
and in forsaking the sometimes stuffy about page bio stuff,
a few personal bits about me.

  • hugs please

  • wild woman

  • mama of two feisty kids

Bonafide love junkie.  Hugs please. Poetess.  Word nerd.  Smoothie slurper.  Anthropology fascinates me. I believe the answers to the truth of how we should live lie in nature and our deep connection with the natural world.  Wild woman.  I eat weeds, and make herbal remedies and am mama to two feisty kiddos.  I moved from Canada to New Zealand to volunteer on organic  farms after completing a very expensive fine arts degree.  My parents were thrilled!  I love coffee with butter and cacao on everything please. Life is a wild and messy ride I try to embrace with my whole heart.


Alison is a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach. Her passion for health and self-development began in her teens and has continued voraciously for the last 20 years. After University exploring human biology alongside her fine arts degree, she mentored and worked closely with Tera Warner, founder of Body Enlightenment: The World’s Healthiest Body and Lifestyle System, where she built online programs with some of her health heroes, hosted summits, workshops and retreats, as well as coached hundreds of brave and beautiful women in becoming healthier, shinier and more empowered versions of themselves. Alison believes that the foundation of all health is built on restoring trust in your gut – the health of what you are and the health of who you are. Through her workshops and mentoring she guides people back to themselves by clearing up the toxicity and confusion in health and relationships, and sharing the real goods on vibrant, empowered, healthy living.